The family enterprise since 1795

Emil Ebert, Lothar Straub’s great-grandfather  made his side-line "wine passion" his real profession and in 1896 this founded the enterprise what is known today as the "LorenzKellerei" in the "red wine city" of Klingenberg.
Adam Ebert, Emil’s son, continued the winery in Klingenberg in the 2nd generation.
After Adam’s sudden death in 1964 his son-in-law, Herbert Lorenz Straub, together with his wife Gisela, took over the tradition of wine-growing and –cultivating and soon after settled down the winery in his birthplace Großheubach. In 1997 Herbert Lorenz made the winery over to his son Lothar Straub, who now runs the enterprise.

Emil Ebert, Adam Ebert sowie Lorenz StraubErfolgreiche Winzer - Emil Ebert, Adam Ebert sowie Lorenz Straub.